What we do

we are the maritime compliance specialists

Born out of a passion for contributing positively and sustainably to shipping safety, and unhindered commerce, we provide the below defined services and are also able to tailor bespoke compliance solutions for your particular requirement. Strategically located next to the busiest ports in the UK, we provide both pro-active and reactive services and can mobilise worldwide at short notice.

Port State Control specialists

PSC success through our unique Vessel Vulnerability Assessments

Detention release assistance

Deficiency/Detention review and challenge support

Company Performance and Ship Risk Profile (SRP) elevation

Maritime consultancy and projects

Unique, extensive and expert maritime compliance knowledge

Contributing to Project success through collaboration and innovation

Services include:

  • IMCA eCMID wide range of vessel types covered
  • Condition, and suitability surveys and inspections
  • Layup reactivation
  • Training and Auditing
  • Management Consultancy

Internal Audits

Internal SMC audits, ISSC verification and MLC inspections

Flying superintendents around the world with huge checklists is the old way of doing things! Utilising experts like us, is the new and sustainable way. They can even be comined with Vulnerability Assessments to provide a 360 degree ‘health check’ on your vessel

Our audits are competence and not checklist led, targeting specific areas of risk whilst allowing the auditor freedom to utilise audit principles. Our audits satisfy the requirements of the ISM/ISPS codes and a PSC code 21 ISM deficiency (that must be adressed effectively before next inspection)

special flag State Inspections and assistance

Authorised by a number of Flag States for Special Flag State Inspections and assistance

We fully understand the importance of Flag performance goals and the negative effect that detentions can have upon them